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Bosch - Speakers - Fixed

LBC3410 - Fixed cabinet speaker

LBC3411 - Fixed cabinet speaker

LBC3002/04 - Sound projector

LBC3011/41 - Panel loudspeaker

LBC3011/51 - Panel loudspeaker

LBC3012/01 - Panel speaker accessory

LBC3013/01 - Panel speaker accessory

LBC3018/00 - BGM & Paging speaker

LBC3041/02 - BGM & paging speaker

LBC3041/12 - BGM & Paging speaker

LBC3041/52 - Speaker

LBC3041/62 - Speaker

LBC3042/02 - Column speaker

LBC3043/02 - Column speaker

LBC3044/02 - Column speaker

LBC3045/02 - BGM & Paging speaker

LBC3080/01 - Metal firedome/backcan

LBC3081/02 - Metal firedome/backcan

LBC3086/41 - Metal grille ceiling speaker

LBC3087/41 - Metal grille ceiling speaker

LBC3090/01 - Plastic grille ceiling speaker

LBC3090/31 - Metal grille ceiling speaker

LBC3091/01 - Mounting box

LBC3092/15 - Sound projector

LBC3093/15 - Sound projector

LBC3094/15 - Sound projector

LBC3095/15 - Pendant speaker

LBC3098/31 - Metal grille ceiling speaker

IBC3099/31 - Metal grile ceiling speaker

LBC3100/11 - Cabinet speaker

LBC3101/11 - Speaker system

LBC3102/11 - Speaker system

LBC3200/00 - Column speaker

LBC3201/00 - Column speaker

IBC3210/00 - Column speaker

IBC3403/14 - Horn flare

LBC3404/14 - Horn flare

LBC3405/14 - Horn flare

LBC3406/14 - Horn flares

LBC3410/01 - Speaker system

LBC3411/01 - Speaker system

LBC3428/00 - Horn speaker

LBC3437/00 - Explosion/flame proof horn speaker

LBC3438/00 - Explosion/flame proof horn speakers

LBC3470/00 - Horn speaker

LBC3481/12 - Horn Speaker

LBC3491/12 - Horn speaker

LBC3492/12 - Horn speaker

LBC3493/12 - Horn speaker

LBC3510/00 - Modular ceiling speakers

LBC3520/00 - Ceiling speaker

LBC3530/00 - Ceiling speaker

LBC3603/01 - Ceiling speaker

LBC3650/00 - Steel fire dome

LBC3660/01 - Surface mount box

LBC3665/00 - Back box

LBC3700/00 - Speaker system

LBC3800/10 - Speaker system

LBC3935/00 - Column speaker

LBC3941/01 - Sound projector

LBN9000/00 - Horn driver

LBN9001/00 - Horn driver

IBN9003/00 - Horn driver

LHM0606/00 - Ceiling speaker

LHM0606/10 - Ceiling speaker

LHM0626/00 - Ceiling speaker

LHM0627/00 - Ceiling speaker


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