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Wiring up the trailer
Jan 2004

Granted, this has nothing to do with audio but we don't know why there are so many small PA operators cruising around with no tail lights on trailers. They can rig a whole light show across the Sydney harbor bridge but cannot get the stop light to work on a trailer.

The following shows how to wire both the seven pin and the five pin trailer connector. What we suggest is that, regardless what connector the car has, always wire the trailer with a seven pin connector and loop the following pins together. Loop pin 1 and 2 together. Then loop pins 4 and 5 together. That way your trailer lights will always work whether the trailer is plugged into a five pin socket or a seven pin socket (because the outer case is the same for both).

Seven pole connector
1 Left flasher lights Yellow
2 Auxiliary Blue
3 Earth White
4 Right flasher light Green
5 Auxiliary Black
6 Stop light Red
7 Tail, Licence light, Rear clearance lights Brown

Five pole connector
2 Left flasher light Yellow
3 Earth White
5 Right flasher light Green
6 Stop lights Red
7 Tail light, Licence Light & clearance lights Brown

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